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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity

What People Are Saying

  • My health is now in good shape, which is really pleasing. I've reduced wheat, sugar, red and processed meats and fat in my diet overall and the improvement in my digestive system and even my arthritis is remarkable. I'm eating lots of home dehydrated and fresh fruits as well as vegetables, nuts and a variety of grains when I can. I frequently make the cottage cheese and have far less of the fatty cheeses than I used to. I've not been working quite so much and that helps with stress reduction too. Overall I'm really pleased with how I'm going mentally and physically so thank you for your guidance Sandy.
    Jennie Leopold, Victoria
  • Thank you for sharing your wealth of healing knowledge with me, the transformation I'm receiving has been amazing thus far...And your gift of shoes has helped to carry me through my daily journey as well!! Healing on so many levels! Love in gratitude.
    Nicole K Melbourne
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