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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity

Bringing Nature Back to Humanity

Have we lost our way?  Is the West the Best?

Today I was again reminded of how complicated many of our lives had become...  where did the natural and simple life go?

Many years ago, around some 20 or so, I was a School Councillor and delegated to look after a non-so-white teacher from South Africa.  He was sponsored by his government to study our models of teaching and lifestyle.

With my background in health, of course the subject was autonomously raised.  After much discussion we both realised that his people were suffering from too little food, medicine and other perceived necessities, with too much being available in the west. He asked the question "How could we make this more balanced"? 

Self Responsibility

It takes courage, a deep love of self and humanity to move beyond the status quo and glimpse the oysteric paradigm we have chosen to experience and live within. Absolutely anything is possible.  Moving out of form and into observation of how we operate, allows us to see who we truly are - spirit in form!


Mentoring for Vitality

Now, this leads us to vitality, and what a heartfelt word that is…  

Vitality refers to one’s life, life force, health, youth or ability to live and exist.  A living organism experiences its own life from the internal dynamics of its own being, something not observable from outside - in the absence of an expression or dynamic.    Hey Wikipedia thanks