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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity

Sandy Simmons

Sandy B Simmons


With a burning inner drive to make a difference, there is no turning back. Sandy has a big vision and gets up every morning to change the way the world views health!   Clean water is just one of the essential ingredients in the recovery process of our food chain.

Changing the way the
World views Health

From as far back as I can remember I have been fascinated by nature. The way humans, animals and plants grew were a constant wonder to me and still are.

It was my Dad, unwittingly, who planted a seed within me to begin questioning where our food came from. Dad came up through the ranks of the food industry, delivering groceries and fresh produce, learning butchery, moving onto management and then to area manager who opened up new shops, called supermarkets back in the UK, during the 1960s.

As a child I didn’t eat much at all. My favourite foods were potato (with no lumps) and stringless green beans; that was a whole meal for me. I knew they came from the local farmer and the taste was amazing. McVities chocolate digestive biscuits were a treat (yum) and it was reiterated many times that a chocolate button would last me for eons.

Doctors assured Mum that I was absolutely fine. I always felt like I had a powerhouse within, housing a boundless energy, difficult to contain. Could this be a lesson for parents to listen to their child? How much do we really need to eat to be healthy? Do we use it as a reward or for sustenance?

Whilst the well-ness space is our normal state of being, we find that dis-ease is now overtaking our new normal. When we have a dis-ease, we are unknowingly looking for a band aid. We keep going and without even thinking when we’re told ‘sorry’ there’s not much we can do for you, we accept the fate as gospel.

I believe much of humanity, especially in the west, have become consumption crazy and lazy. Generally, we’ve become a throw-away society, many have forgotten how to preserve goods and grow foods. Supermarkets give us all manner of items at our fingertips? I’m sure my Dad would not be impressed at whats on offer! Do our grandchildren even know or see where milk and eggs come from? How grains are grown? What happens to animals from birth to preparation for human consumption?

Oceans are over-fished and we now grow salmon as there’s not enough elsewhere. Fish, birds and cattle are treated unkindly in many ways. We would not treat a human in this way. What happened to just taking what is needed, instead of throwing away that which is already dead, which is of no use and breaking down the food chain.

Our Ancestors must be looking at the world as if it’s gone mad!

We have farmed the land for over 60 years and we’ve lost 30% of our top soil. Soils are now damaged, releasing carbon and water which creates dried-out soil. So now we need more irrigation, and so the story goes on. If we continue as we are, it is predicted that in another 60 years we will have lost all our top soil – what then?

With depleted soils and less fresh water supplies…

We have become disconnected from nature, it’s time to reconnect and become whole again.

What will it take to change the way the world views Health?

What if, we viewed well-ness as normal and when dis-ease arose it was there for us to look at what isn’t working in our lives anymore? What if we sat with ourself, became really honest with ourselves and knew what we had to do next.

Perhaps you need assistance to unravel and see how you’ve landed where you are. You can’t see the forest for the trees, hidden under a multitude of layers of un-well-ness, skewed information and being who you thought you had to be.

I have been ‘blessed’ with many ailments, from cystic acne to chronic fatigue, from candida fog to a near death experience, from infertility to IBS and more. They have been my catalysts to study and dive deeply into Naturopathic-Nutrition whilst combining Biological Medicine. I’ve overcome much thrown my way without any band-aids. I’ve been gifted to create Inspirit Energetics for the body and Natural Success is part of the mix to free the mind.

I have served in the health field for some 30 years. Whilst I am still empowering clients, I am developing short courses to share more widely.

My aim has always been to bring humanity back to nature…planting seeds wherever I go.

My legacy is to bring souls experience of birth and death back to nature. To arrive and depart with no interference or as little as possible.

Is this the freedom we all seek?

It is in your hands, what will you do?

We all have the power to change lives... it starts by making a difference in your own life... triggering ripples and presenting endless possibilities!

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Yours in Health and Happiness

Sandy B.



Sandy's Passionate about your Health and Well being

Sandy has moved hills and mountains to regain her vital health and has helped many a human move past the status quo’s perception that dis-ease is constant, normal and acceptable.  "It’s humbling", says Sandy when people gain exceptional health way beyond their wildest dreams.

Known for her inquiring mind, love of life and connection with like-minded souls, Sandy has come to fully appreciate the immense difficulty for millions in the world to both find and have life saving clean water, absolutely crucial for the survival of all life on earth.  Social conscience runs deep within Sandy, she chooses to work with individuals and business leaders who really walk their talk and who choose to give back where it is critically needed.

Fresh water and planting trees are just two of many ways Simply Better creates ripples of smiles around the globe.

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Inspiring and educating you to lead an extraordinary VITAL LIFE NOW on planet earth…

Entrepreneur and world health visionary Sandy B Simmons, renowned for bringing ancient and modern wisdom to you as a global mentor, teacher and speaker.