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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity

Coming off anti-depressants after 14 years…

it’s possible - YOU can do this!

CASE STUDY: Patient recording their recent experience and sharing in hope it will help someone else.

I felt like a boil that had been lanced
I felt like a boil that had been lanced

“Changing your life around is not an easy thing!

I found myself in this situation earlier this year when my health finally gave out.

Mentoring for Breastfeeding

How can Sandy, a Lactation Consultant, help you?

As a Lactation Consultant, I am an allied health professional who possesses the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to facilitate breastfeeding. I offer support and specialist 


Sandy’s No 1 passion is NUTRITION in all its aspects. 

It is widely acknowledged that the greatest single therapeutic regimen one can employ is the art and science of nutrition.  This is the premier health science.  All other therapeutic applications depend, in the long run, on proper considerations of nutrition.  Without wholesome nutrition, all treatment, therapies and medicaments ultimately fail.