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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity

Water Therapies

Enemas & Colon Therapy

We guide you to self-administer colon cleanses with warm water and infusions. The cleansing is a wonderful detoxifier, undoing years of damage from poor diet, unfriendly flora, toxins and prescription medications, especially when done in conjunction with our dietary changes and other detoxification methods. This cleansing and nourishing accomplishes in one session what would take months with nutrition alone. These therapies are very effective at reducing inflammation and restoring healthy digestive, immune and hormonal function.



Balneotherapy (Latin: balneum "bath") is the treatment of disease by bathing. Balneotherapy may involve hot or cold water, for relaxation or stimulation. At Simply Better Health, we also use hot and cold water body and partial body wraps to induce a change in body temperature, which both detoxifies and powerfully stimulates the immune system.

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 Sandy B.