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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity

What Happens?

I know you want to know what happens...

Firstly though, allow me to welcome you to our family. I say that, because it’s truly the way I feel. From your very first interaction with me, I want you to feel how valued and important you are. From the moment you choose me to provide for your needs, you become like one of my family. And I'm so glad to have you on board!

Simply Better and I have three basic philosophies to support you on your life journey:

  • You deserve our utmost attention in fulfilling your needs
  • Every interaction with us should leave you smiling
  • Our passion is contagious enough to infuse you to do what you love
I look forward to working with you to achieve your highest potential in mind, body and spirit, so that your soul is free to express the purpose you came to fulfil. 
Yours in health and happiness
Sandy B.


How do we connect?

From 'almost' the bottom of Australia, we reach upward and outward to wherever you may be in the world. 

Consultations and sessions are mainly via Zoom, unless you happen to live around the corner and you can visit my clinic at home.

We have been known to resort to email, text and even WhatsApp or FaceTime when the internet is having a hiccup.

No matter what happens we are always right alongside you, supporting you on every level of your health journey.


What happens in Simply Better consultations?


  • Find out more about us
  • Briefly discuss your issue
  • Are we a fit to work together?
  • What next?



Allow up to 90 mins to discuss - 

  • Current health issue
  • Receive a brief summary of consultation
  • Find out your next steps

Let's start at the beginning and find out how you've got to where you are, what is happening right now and where you would like to be. 
Receive an email with a brief summary with your next steps.

 NB A first consultation may be booked as a one-off appointment, for a health assessment or as a gift.



2 Consultations - First consultation 90 mins / second consultation 60 mins           

  • First Consultation - allow up to 90 mins to discuss your history and current health issues
  • Or an extra 30mins consultation for additional information when upgrading to First Consultation Plus
  • Complete health appraisal direct to your inbox within 7 days
  • Find out your next steps 

Let's start at the beginning and find out how you've got to where you are, what is happening right now and where you would like to be.
A second consultation will discuss your complete health appraisal with an analysis and criteria to bring together a program suited for your needs.


Work one-on-one with me for the next 12 weeks…


  • Tailored program 
  • Access to personalised google folder / files
  • Follow-up weekly consults on zoom 
  • Text available for urgent Qs
  • FREE resources
  • Recipe Gift Pack

So now it's time to be real and take action.  Here I hold you accountable for taking your steps on a weekly basis.  We create and adjust as we move through the 90 days towards your healthy end results. You will have access to all our free resources and recipe packs, along with a reduction in fees for any courses you attend or books you purchase.  Bearing in mind that money raised from our recipe packs and books are gifted to water projects through our business partner B1G1, 


Your first consultation  is a gathering of data.  You can expect a comprehensive exploration of your current and past state of health and lifestyle coupled with nutritional aspects.  Please bring along or email as much information, recent test results and all medications and / or natural remedies that you are already ingesting asap (preferably before this consultation).  Our time together will culminate with a discussion in regard to the avenues that would best suit your road to well-ness, with a mutual agreement to move forward with a program, to achieve your end results.   

Your second consultation, usually seven days after your first consultation, will allow a comprehensive explanation of your health appraisal, where pertinent research has been incorporated. There will be time for further discussion of your involvement required, with time for questions and clarification. An achievable program will be recommended for you to put into practice to restore optimum well-ness.

Your Individualised program/s are composed especially for you.  This is your map, your road to well-ness. Adjustments will be made along the way, during your time working with me.

Your follow-up consultations are the opportunity for you to discuss your progress, your achievements and mutual adjustments, whilst receiving whatever is required from ‘Sandy B’s bag of tools’ to further enhance your end results. 


How often and how many consultations will be required? 

How long is a piece of string? This is dependent on the complexity of your presenting issues, compliance, feedback and the continuing flow of communication. This will enable me to assist you with providing continued mentoring and guidance on your road to wellness.  Please allow at least 90 days to set changes in motion that you choose.
 NB Remedies and additional therapies will be recommended as and when required.  These will attract additional costs.  Remember, there is always room for negotiation! 

Inspirit Energetics & Breathwork - Body - Spirit

Individual sessions will be held after a first consultation.  I will medically intuit and discuss with you.

I will be asking you to book session/s as the end of the day.  You will need to rest and not rush off anywhere after each session  - preferably head to bed. 

The energy will be transferred much better if you have a shower beforehand, wear a robe whilst we work and change into fresh clothes / PJs when we are complete.

Inspirit energetics clean, clear and remove unwanted energy, then filling the space with new clean, clear energy and finally sealing the energetic layer.  Integration takes 12-24 hours.

I have worked successfully over Zoom with this for a number of years now.

Q&A is always welcome. 



Encompassed in the trilogy package to bring you back to you.  



Natural Success - Mind - Spirit

One-off Special time for you (support session), will give you a start in a new direction.

"I am really stuck on a decision or a question and I need some guidance" or "the same things keeps coming back - HELP"!
Find out where you are, where you want to go and formulate your choices to take you there.
It is recommended at least 90-120 days or more of weekly/fortnightly sessions to concretise choices and move towards a different way of being.
You will be empowered and held to take the action steps you've chosen towards your greatness choices, to be all that you can be at this exciting time of planet earth’s life…  There is ongoing support as often as you require!
 Work 1:1 with me 
  • An hour per week 1:1 for the first 60 days to set up powerful choices
  • Accountability to keep you focused on your choices
  • Support while you learn to live with tension
  • Work on specific choices to build momentum
  • Celebration & acknowledgement of successes

  • An hour per fortnight 1:1 from 60 days on
  • Update and development of more choices as you grow
  • Learn advanced techniques to use your Superconscious daily
  • Learn to deal with thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs more effectively
  • SOS service for when you are in a crisis and neew to refocus urgently

There's no better time to start than NOW!


Encompassed in the trilogy package to bring you back to you.