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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity

Sandy B. was born in London and at the tender age of 12½ her family emigrated to Australia when her life literally turned upside down... she shares her story of living with a plethora of extremes... when she encounters a near death experience and discovers her truth. With unbounded resilience she now stands before you to share her dream of The Truth Farm, to bring nature back to humanity and change the way the world views health.

An inspirational and educational speaker, passionate about restoring women’s and men’s fertile minds, bodies and spirits, to create healthy and soulful children, building the butterfly effect of vital health for generations to come...

Here are some of the signature topics Sandy B. speaks about, which may be tailored to suit your audience:

  • Bringing Nature Back to Humanity
  • Taking Control of Your Health
  • Healing with Whole Foods
  • Production of True Food
  • Changing the Way the World views Health
  • Normalising Human Lactation
  • Nature’s Contraception and Conception
  • Near Death Experiences - Waking Us Up
  • Before We Arrive and After We Leave

Sandy B. Simmons

"A leading Naturopathic-Nutritionist, Biological Medicine, Fertility and Lactation Consultant, International Author, Speaker and Mentor, Sandy B. Simmons is affectionaly known at The Fertility Alchemist.  She is the Creator and Director of Simply Better Health and Pregnant Today.

Upholding her vision for each human to know who they truly are, Sandy B. gathers the conscious collective to initiate the journey into a sustainable world. She consults and speaks to our global community to create simply better ways forward.

A change maker, Sandy shares her expansive experience alongside her ancient wisdom, encouraging humanity to ride the waves of diversity, creating vitality within and without our ever-changing life on earth.

Sandy’s mission is to shine light, enabling regeneration towards global health for the next generation and beyond; through the catalysts of education, self-responsibility, environmental preservation and innovative strategies."


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