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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity

Creating a Difference

We all have the power to change lives - it starts by making a difference in our own life...

Triggering the cascade and the presentation of endless possibilites...

What's the biggest hurdle to creating a difference in your life?  

Join us at Simply Better and live the life you are here to experience ~


find out why YOUR HEALTH makes a difference in creating a healthier world...


“I get up every morning to get you feeling great inside, 
Every moment of every day
So that you can inspire others to create
Simply Better Health
And help make our world a happy place”

Sandy B.


AND... with this WIN-WIN situation for YOU and Simply Better, together we can give a WIN-WIN-WIN for others too...

We are proud to be a part of B1G1.  A simple idea sharing the joy of giving - every second, every day and in every way.

Each time you book and pay for a consultation you contribute to clean life saving water to children around the world.

We believe that everyONE is born with the capacity to renourish and regenerate their health to regain the freedom to live their highest potential! 

We inspire and educate you to lead an extraordinary VITAL LIFE NOW on planet earth…  Creating healthy lives for human beings!

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”  Mark Twain


Moving Beyond Humanity’s Status Quo…


International author, biological medicine consultant and world health visionary Sandy B Simmons, renowned for bringing ancient and modern wisdom to you as a global teacher and speaker.

Introducing Sandy B.

"A leading Naturopathic-Nutritionist, Biological Medicine Consultant, International Author, Speaker, Teacher and Mentor, Sandy B Simmons is the Creator and Director of Simply Better Health.

Upholding her vision for each human to know who they truly are, Sandy B. gathers the conscious collective to initiate the journey into a sustainable world. She consults and speaks to our global community to create simply better ways forward.

A change maker, Sandy shares her expansive experience alongside her ancient wisdom, encouraging humanity to ride the waves of diversity, creating vitality within and without our ever-changing life on earth.

Sandy’s mission is to shine light, enabling regeneration towards global health for the next generation and beyond; through the catalysts of education, self-responsibility, environmental preservation and innovative strategies."

Sandy Simmons
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