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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity


2nd March 2020

Let's Talk Near Death? - Kirsty Salisbury and Sandy B Simmons

In 1999 Sandy B Simmons had a stress related Near Death Experience. She remembers coming out of her body, travelling in a tunnel and meeting balls of light. Sandy had experienced such exhaustion on earth, and welcomed the feeling of ‘rest’, only to be told she could not rest, and had to return back to life.

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07th November 2019

Nurturing The Next Generation

It's in Your Hands, What Will You Do?

Sandy B. is an Entrepreneur, International Author and Keynote Speaker; she consults and educates our global community to create simply better ways forward. With a dedicated mission to bring nature back to humanity, SandyB. invites a gathering of the conscious collective to join her journey into a sustainable world to transform global health.

Born in London, England, Sandy B. immigrated to Melbourne, Australia at the age of twelve. Having been exposed early in her life to children from many cultural backgrounds, she approaches each new development in her life with a wise openness. Sandy B.’s perspective on life is summed up in her quote, “Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to live a limited life. Be unique and choose the freedom of living your truest purpose and greatest potential.”

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16th March 2016

Simply Better........What If? - Annette McCoy and Sandy B Simmons