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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity

Currently all consultations/coaching available via zoom
Book an initial consultation or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Simply Better Health Consultations / Coaching 


ALL CONSULTATIONS currently held via ZOOM (professional and secure)

All initial consultations / coaching                                $225.00 

  • Naturopathic-Nutrition **See list below
  • Nutrition - Family foods
  • Natural Hygiene 
  • Simply Better Life (Natural Success)
  • Therapeutic Fasting 
  • Natural Fertility 
  • Lactation (IBCLC)
  • Nutrition - First Foods
  • Nutrition - End of Life

Follow-up consultations / coaching                              $150.00 

Weekly reporting with email feedback                             $30.00 

Monthly (1 x 4 weekly reporting with

Email feedback, plus 1 x 30min consult)                        $150.00

Comprehensive Programs –

Personalised written program

Inc. Initial and 2 follow-up consults                                 $497.00

(Fees exclude suggested remedies)

Concessions available


DIGESTIVE DISORDERS - IBS, Reflux (GERD), haemorrhoids, food intolerances, divertiulitis, liver & gallbladder issues...
MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS - Amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, irregular cycles, PMT...
END OF LIFE - Nutrition, Therapies, Support
CARIOVASCULAR & CANCER - Nutrition, Therapies, Support

CONTRACEPTION - Natural Fertility education... choices...
GYNAECOLOGICAL CONDITIONS - Endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, PCOD...
FERTILITY - Infertility, sub-fertility, miscarriage, IUI and IVF support, male fertility/sperm issues...
PRECONCEPTION - Create wholesome health before Inviting a new human into your world...
CONCEPTION - Natural Fertility Education, Mental Clarity, Physical Awareness, Spiritual Intelligence...
PREGNANCY - Digestive issues, gestational diabetes, anxiety, mindfulness, birth preparation...
LACTATION - Attachment & supply issues, nippe problems, breast infections, baby wind, colic, reflux, weaning...
POST-BIRTH FERTILITY - Contraceptive choices, LAM...


Simply Better LIFE Coaching and Mentoring - Special for CYD Graduates 

After you have completed the 6 week online training with William Whitecloud called Create Your Destiny, you’re on a different trajectory, a new life path. 

I am offering you a special opportunity to continue your journey with this amazing work.  

In 60 days you can be well on your way to cementing and living your Land of Plenty... during 2021 work with me for a set fee of $99.00/week * for 8 weeks commitment 

This includes:

  • 1 coaching session per week 1:1 
  • Setting up powerful choices
  • Accountability to keep you focused 
  • Support while you learn to live with tension
  • Processes to keep you on track
  • Build momentum on specific choices
  • Acknowledge and celebrate successes
  • Update and develop choices as you grow
  • Use your Superconscious daily
  • Deal with emotions and beliefs effectively
  • SOS service for when you hit a crisis

My end result is to be of SERVICE and to be PRESENT for you to CREATE your END RESULTS.

My vision is to empower thousands and millions of people to live a Simply Better LIFE.

NB Limited places available

*Invoiced monthly in advance
*Minimum 60 day (8 week) commitment


Simply Better Life offers a 1:1 session for $225.00 per session 

Simply Better life offers 1:1 x 4 sessions for $795.00

**Simply Better Life offers 2 small group sessions per month for $55.50.

 Book a 20 minute Energy call


Everyone wants more ENERGY – right?

It’s everyone’s birthright but where has it gone?

Whether you’re:

  • working too hard
  • being a new parent
  • don't know what to do next
  • have lack of rest/sleep
  • ongoing unresolved issues
  • unwell with cancer...

You name it, it doesn’t matter... living today more often than not takes our energy away!

What if there was a support system to get you back on track, have enough energy to work with ease, spend playful time with your family and have decent sleep... would that make a difference to YOUR LIFE?

Here at Simply Better we walk alongside you to achieve a vital life...

Click here to find out HOW...

The link above takes you to an online booking form, enter your details and then select a time suitable from my online calendar for your FREE energy call.



Home Clinic / Carlton / South Melbourne

Mobile: +61 402 051 553
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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