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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity

Natural Hygiene for Digestive & Mental Health 

Creating an internal environment that supports your immune system

Are you ready to let go of the ongoing health issues you feel like you've had forever... the battle that goes on inside that never lets you get on top of your life... the urge to get off the world as it's getting too hard... and wonder how on earth you can support and maintain your vitality? 

You and your family are about to transform your health beyond your wildest dreams!

We’re changing the way you perceive your inner health. Your beliefs will change.

A better way to create vitality for you and especially your children... They learn from what you do, not what you say!

Towards the End of Life

As life moves forward at a greater pace than you could ever have envisaged, you may also have noticed that there’s now a shorter time to gather yourself to complete what you would love to do.

No matter what that is, you will need energy to perform the tasks at hand.

Perhaps you...

Humanity is Nature-based

Have we lost our way? Is the West the Best?

Today I was again reminded of how complicated many of our lives had become... where did the natural and simple life go?

More on Candida

Candida is a negative yeast infection affecting both men and women and can appear in any part of the body such as the underarms, the nails, the mouth, the genitals (including the vagina and the penis) and between the toes.   Mouth thrush is where small lesions appear inside the mouth and on the tongue. White patches or cottage-cheese-like lumps appear on the tongue.  Mouth thrush is often caused by a weakened immune system so the young and the elderly are at risk.  Other variations include nail fungus, penile and the most common vaginal yeast infections.  50 to 75% of all women will have a vaginal yeast infection (often called thrush) during their lifetime. If the level of acidity in the vagina decreases, then too much yeast growth can be the cause.

Candida - What is it?

Are you feeling heavy, sluggish, have mental dullness, fluid retention or excess mucous?  You may well have an overgrowth of candida, a yeast-like fungi in the body. 

A healthy digestive system has ample 'Lactobacillus acidophilus', as well as other intestinal micro-organisms which are indispensible to proper nutrient absorption.  

It is normal to have some candida present in the digestive tract. High levels of candida exist in individuals with weak immune systems.

Candida may also appear on any part of the body ie under arms, the nails, the mouth, genitals (vagina and penis) and between the toes.

So what happens with an overgrowth of candida? 


Inherited Factors 


Acquired States of Health


We all know that we are more than what we see, hear, smell, taste, feel and believe.

Do you ever ponder on what you are made up of and how over time you’ve moulded into YOU?

What inherited factors do you carry within?  What have you acquired from the outside world?

Let’s take a further look…

Inherited Factors & Conditions

Inherited risk factors are passed down from parent to child by way of genes. Currently we base our findings on an examination of our DNA, where any two human beings are 99.9 percent identical. The genetic differences between different groups of human beings are similarly minute.

A genetic condition occurs when you inherit an altered (changed) gene from your parents that increases your risk of developing that particular condition. However, not all genetic conditions are passed down from your parents, some gene changes occur randomly before you are born.

Randomly before you were born?  Does this mean in utero or before you were conceived, dare I say before you chose your parentage? 

Looking at the spiritual human condition, and the continuation of spirit experiencing different forms, would we not come into this life with spiritual memory of a previous incarnation?

Gives us some food for thought doesn’t it?  

Acquired States of Health

Generally, the state of a person's health describes the general condition of their mind and body. One's state of health may be negatively impacted by physical disease or mental illness, and their race, ethnicity, gender, and income level may contribute to their health risks.  Is that all?

From birth we soak up like a sponge what’s going on around us.  Our behaviours are copied mainly by what we see and what we hear.  We learn how to fit into our family, our wider community at school, work, relationships etc.  By adulthood we have made up how we need to be to fit into our current circumstances and our beliefs become cemented and more difficult to change.

We constantly take in what feels familiar to us.  It makes us feel safe and like we are doing the right thing. So it would be fair to say that we acquire how we see ‘health’ according to our environment.  This impacts on our lifestyle, we then continue to accept this is ‘normal’ until something goes wrong…

Mmmm… could this be just from our family roots or an expansion of what we experienced before we arrived on planet earth, plus what we acquired, plus what we have made up to feel safe…?


How can we best understand our health and move towards a vitality perhaps we’ve never known before?

Knowing that there are three components of our health status (let’s keep this as simple as possible) will create an understanding of our individuality:

  • Inherited factors and conditions
  • Spiritual experiences and memories
  • Acquired states of health

What we have inherited and the conditions that come with that, are already housed in our memory.  We cannot delete this, but having an understanding, coming to terms with and accepting what we have been gifted, will give us the information we need, to lessen the impact it may have on our life.  

We could consider working with our inherited health, to lessen the likelihood of conditions manifesting further and being passed on to the next generation! 

Our spiritual experiences before we were even a thought and whilst we are here on earth, have a familiar impact upon our health. Have you ever had deja vu?  No-one in your family or you can explain why you feel like you’ve been in the place before that you're visiting, feel like you’ve been through a similar experience or acted on something because you just knew what you had to do.  Is this intuition or part of the experience of your whole self?

Understanding that we are very much more than what we have been made to believe, will again give us more tools to work with on our big picture of health.

Ahh… now we come to how we acquire health issues in this life… Those we weren’t born with, but were acquired through our environment and lifestyle.  Now, this is being simplistic in nature. Remember we were sponges when we arrived, we soaked in what was going on around us, the behaviours we acquired were copied… is there a need to continue those behaviours we know don’t work for us?  Not if we are aware and know they are not in our best interest, especially of our wellbeing.

This is a reminder that we have the self-knowing, the power, the support and the discipline to change our life and circumstances at any moment in time.   


Currently we know that the subconscious mind is very powerful, and that it does about 95% of the work, and therefore the conscious mind only does about 5%. You are only consciously aware of only about 5% of all your “stuff” going on in your mind.

We consciously and unconsciously create circumstances in our life. As you can see most of the time we are unconsciously repeating behaviours that have been rooted in our subconscious from birth.

Could our conscious mind house the spiritual experiences and memories that are really the main part of our-selves?  Has our conscious mind reduced itself and gone to ground as our subconscious houses and repeats learnt behaviours, ie like driving a car?  Do you have to think about how to drive a car, no, it becomes automatic, it’s been programmed in our subconscious.

Mostly we listen to the voices outside of ourselves (subconscious).  We constantly compare ourselves to others, think others know more about our inner world than we do and carry out what others have told us to. 

Listening to our small voice within (conscious), might actually keep us on the road to vitality, rather than the road to disease. 


The keys to vital health are…

1. Being aware of your conscious (inherent and spiritual) self and increase it’s %
2. Being aware of your unconscious (acquired with conditions) self and decrease it’s %
3. Know that there is nothing to do but action to take in your favour


Moving up the spiral of health and longevity is imminent when we encompass all three aspects of ourselves.  

Just as there are different levels of what we ingest ie carnivore to vegan, there are different levels of consciousness (%).  

We all vibrate at different levels, it doesn’t mean that anyone is any better than another, it just gives us humans markers for existence. 

Summing up, I believe that our inherent (yes even the dis-ease states) and spiritual selves serve the higher aspects of ourselves and that our acquired selves create a disturbance greater than we could ever imagine.

Working to understand our individual self, our own stories, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, assumptions, beliefs, behaviours and experiences will help us to take responsibility and create better health outcomes, not just for ourselves but for future generations.

Thankyou for immersing yourself and asking questions. If you would like to take this further…

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Yours in Health and Happiness

Sandy Sig

Sandy B.