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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity


Empty yourself of everything.
Let the mind become still.
The ten thousand things rise and fall while the self watches their return.
They grow and flourish and then return to source.
Returning to the source is stillness, which is the way of nature.
The way of nature is unchanging.
Knowing constancy is insight.
Not knowing constancy leads to disaster.
Knowing constancy, the mind is open.
With an open mind, you will be openhearted.
Being openhearted, you will act royally.
Being royal, you will attain the divine.
Being divine, you will be one with the Tao.
Being at one with the Tao is eternal.
And though the body dies, the Tao will never pass away.

Lao Tzu


Meditation is a tool to bring you back to you.  Whilst it is a learned art, it is as individual as each and every one of us.  You can learn the basics.  It is up to you how far you take it and what it can do for you, your life, your spirit and soul. 

Meditation reduces stress and that's a big plus for us all.

Schedule a free 20 minute assessment to see how this will work for you.

Before you go, here's two meditations for you


This meditation will help you to connect your higher self to universal energy that always surrounds you and is within you. 


This meditation will help you to access your inner knowing thats always been there as a guide to the next steps in your lifes creation

Yours in Health and Happiness

 Sandy Sig

 Sandy B.