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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity

Simple Truths Books

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Book 1 is published and ready to be ordered.

Being Prepared - A Practical Guide to Preconception is the first in the ‘BEING’ series of Simple Truths –

  1. Preconception
  2. Conception
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Birthing
  5. Lactation
The series of 5 books called Simple Truths is designed to promote thinking past the current status quo of health issues for our future generations.
In this first book we discuss ‘Being Prepared,’ A Practical Guide to Preconception.
Being Prepared for Preconception is often not in our consciousness, so this book is designed to bring your thinking around to see how you create your own life, mostly subconsciously. It gives you the space to see what is possible and why it is beneficial to explore your own beliefs and get to know your own self intimately before creating another human being.
There are platforms in place to facilitate movement into clearing your mind, cleaning your body, reuniting with intuition, strengthening the self and giving rise to a life free of past dogma. Then, when challenges present themselves, we are aligned with ourselves and have the ability to flow rather than resist.
Bonus offers are available from the website including further information, audio and videos, workbooks and booking a private consultation.
This book contains links to access this information.

Being Prepared is designed to provide insight into four areas that are vital to the journey of pregnancy and parenthood:

  • Restoring health – a peaceful mind and a vital body.
  • Reducing health issues that have been handed down the family tree.
  • Healthier offspring and a more harmonious life for all.
  • The possibility of pregnancy when it seems impossible…