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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity

Biological Medicine

Biological Medicine begins with the premise that the body’s normal state is health. We find that the causes of disease are multi-factorial and that no single remedy will restore health. We do know that the body’s power to heal can always be reawakened if the underlying causes of disease are addressed and the body is given the support it needs to regenerate.

Biological Medicine focuses on discovering underlying sources of illness so that a tailored treatment plan can restore the body to optimal health. At Simply Better Health we do more than simply alleviate symptoms, we look for the cause of those symptoms to resolve the underlying issue.

Biological medicine, is so called, because it uses the methods of life itself – it is "bio-logical." In the condition we call health, the body is in a constant conversation with the world around it, taking in nutrition, responding to threats of infection, growing and repairing and detoxifying, all happening moment by moment, in a rich symphony of life.

This complex balance is governed by the body’s regulatory mechanisms, and in Biological Medicine we view symptoms, degeneration and later actual disease as stages of a gradual breakdown in these mechanisms. This breakdown occurs in predictable patterns depending on the unhealthy factors affecting the individual, their own unique genetic makeup, environment and personal history.

Using the regulatory function of the body as our central medical theory helps us connect disorders and diseases with their root causes. And fortunately, the process of breakdown of the regulatory mechanism is reversible, allowing us to move toward health at any time in our lives. Of course, Biological Medicine is not a fountain of youth. All of us will die eventually. But we can and should live happy, long and vital lives. Exactly what we all value, right?


The first principle of the art of healing, enunciated already by the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, 'Primum est nil nocere' - the most important thing of all is that treatment must do no harm - is violated in present-day medical practice more than in any other period of medical history.

The biologically oriented practitioner is aware that chemical and antibiotic drugs will always cause damage to the body's biological environment, even though with such treatments a temporary effect can be achieved.  Therefore, such drugs are to be avoided to the utmost in the management of simple and harmless infections.  To treat a common cold or a sore throat with, for example, penicillin, is a crime against the fundamental rules of health.  Instead, attention is directed to increasing the body's own resistance with all the natural harmless, biological methods of treatment which are available.

We then have the joy of observing how the body, as a rule, if the general resistance is not too much lowered and if given a chance and proper aid in the form of rest, fasting, wholesome diet and other biological measures, will by the strength of its own healing power win the battle.

And... this is not only true in the cases of milder infections, but also in cases of very serious diseases.  Furthermore, and this is a very essential point - instead of coming out of the disease weakened and debilitated, as is always the case after treatments with chemical drugs, the patient, after biological treatments, comes out strengthened and renewed.  

It is my observation that biological treatments raise the general resistance of patients and they will, as a rule, become more immune to infections in the future.

Dr Essen and Paavo O. Airola ND 1968

This was said 50 years ago... and so it will continue... until we get back to nature and taking self-responsibility for our own everyday health.

The cascade begins with you... others will do what you do when they see the results... 

I am but a guide...  it is up to you.

Sandy B. Simmons 

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