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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity


Have we lost our way? Is the West the Best?

Today I was again reminded of how complicated many of our lives had become... where did the natural and simple life go?

Many years ago, around some 20 or so, I was a School Councillor and I was delegated to look after a non-so-white teacher from South Africa. He was sponsored by the government to study our models of teaching and lifestyle.

With my background in health, of course the subject was autonomously raised. After much discussion we both realised that his people were suffering from too little food, medicine and other perceived necessities, with too much being available in the west. He asked the question "How could we make this more balanced"?

This heartfelt teacher had not travelled outside South Africa before and was under the impression that he had so much to learn. He realised that whilst this was true in some ways, he wanted to take back only that which would be of service to his students and peers. Needless to say, that brief encounter, in essence, spurred me on to 'Bring Nature Back to Humanity'.

I wonder where that teacher is now and how he has contributed?

Have a look around your home. How many electrical products do you own, how many clothes and shoes (yes, I've been called Imelda Marcos)? What is your food processed from or what chemicals does it include?

Add in the personal products, dry cleaning, the pesticides and whatever else is lurking in your shed or garage? We live in a toxic environment. We may appear to have everything, gaining more and more to live the dream of owning the house, the car, the model wife/husband, the children... everything is set up for us to be in a system, a model that is perceived to make us happy and give us more time.

But is it healthy? AND time, well that seems to disappear, more and more!

Why are so many opting out of the system? Whilst many are letting go of the perception of the happy model, that isn't making them so happy any more, there's a realisaton that there is something much more important than working and waiting for the day when you can be happy and do what you love = retirement.

None of us know what is around the corner, why live your life so complicated, so uninspired, so out of love that you just exist, robotic like, and wait for the dream to come to you. What are you showing your children? To suffer in silence, do what you are told and hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones... come on people that is not living!

So what do I mean by 'Bringing Nature Back to Humanity'?

Firstly, declutter your mind, body and environment. Secondly, begin to understand yourself, your inner beliefs and see what is actually going on. Thirdly, take action to change whatever doesn't gel with you anymore.

What is the most important aspect of LIVING for you? What makes you HAPPY? What do you know you need to do before you die? Yes, it's inevitable, don't put something off for tomorrow, as there just may not be one for you,

someone you care for or something you have a burning desire to do... Set the wheels in motion NOW!

My motto is 'Anything is Possible'! It's up to you, the future is in your hands TODAY!

So, today when I couldn't access my emails via 'google' or any other way (it's now 24 hours), I was reminded that I too was caught up in a system I relied on, perhaps too heavily.

I thought I was doing life differently, mmm... was I really?

My aim has always been to leave this earth with the footprint of happiness and love.

The environment is our legacy to the next generation and generations to come. Your children, grandchildren, great-granchildren and more...

What if we had many individual footprints that got together to make a difference?

What are you thinking? What sits in your HEART?

I know what sits in mine!

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