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Onions - What is it that causes your eyes to water?


In my April Monthly Newsletter we were talking about the flow within.  Another fluid that flows from our body is tears.  

So what compound is found in onions that brings tears to the eyes? 

Suphuric Compounds.

What is it that you can wear to stop tears when chopping onions?

Contact lenses.

Did you know if you chill an onion before peeling and chopping it stops the tears?  A strong exhaust fan does the same thing.

Peeling an onion under running water using a sharp knife retards the release of the volatile oils.  As does cutting the root end last.

Despite the tears, onions are a good source of Vitamin C, Nicain and Calcium.  They contain flavonoids and sulphur based compounds that are anti-oxidants.  These compounds reduce the risk of heart disease, show anti-bacterial action and may aid against certain types of cancer.

Onion are also good for removing toxicity ie place a couple of onions cut into 4 in a bucket of water and place in a room that has just been painted or a room with an unwell person.  

There are many more uses, we'd love you to share with us what uses you have found for onions...  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yours in Health and Happiness

Sandy Sig

Sandy B.

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