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Urine Colour Chart

What Can Your Urine Tell You?

To know your body and understand how it works, takes a little time, patience and awareness - something we are very rarely taught in the modern fast paced world we live in!

One of the primary key indicators is to note urine colour and how it smells...

while some may screw their noses up at the thought of monitoring their own urine,

it's a perfect way to know what's going on inside...

How many times do you urinate in 24 hours - most patients do not know when I ask them?  

Do you have disturbed sleep and need to go to the bathroom in the wee hours?  Many think this is normal!  

Do you drink enough water or perhaps too much?  

Perhaps you have other problems with your bladder - there's much information to gain when you are aware of what's going on!

So I devised a Weekly Intake sheet for many purposes,

two of which are to monitor fluid intake and urine output.  

A free download to begin charting your inner self and to begin to see for yourself...(click the blue download button)

Did you know that if you have beetroot juice your urine may be a pink colour?  

Did you know if your urine is a dark yellow most of the time, it may be due to vitamin medication?

What colour is your urine, perhaps it's off this chart...  

When you want to know more 'Ask Sandy '...

Download urine Hydration Chart

Yours in Health and Happiness

Sandy Sig

Sandy B.

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