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How to Write a Best Seller

Darren Stephens

I first met Darren Stephens in 2012 at “How to Write a Bestseller”.  It was 6 months into my new found journey of bringing my work out into the world.  I received 3 invitations from different sources, which is my usual cue to attend what has been offered to me. 
It was so much more than I expected.  The 3 day workshop was whole in it’s presentation, content and ongoing support for writing my series of books.  The first of 5 which has just been sent to the Publishers.  Yes, it took me a year… but listen to this.   
I went along thinking I would write the books, that were taking up much space in my mind, in a few years time.  This was just a look-see and begin to find out what’s available…
Right from the start Jackie and Darren loved my concept and encouraged me to explore and unpack more of what I would love to share over the next 2 days of an absolutely fabulous mind-blowing of possibilities workshop I had attended for a very long time.  Packed with so much information to not only bring my books to life but to create a lifestyle change I had been hankering after for many a year.
By the end of the weekend, I really got that the time was NOW, I had to write and share what I knew. The burning desire was becoming too much to contain….  Ahhhhhggg…. 
I have to say, that the 11 months have been like giving birth.  Writing and growing, re-writing and growing, writing and growing, until finally with much gusto everything came together.  The support of Darren and the staff at Global Publishing are second to none.  They are always available, with a welcoming voice, on the end of the phone in the office, so valuable for when you begin to doubt, don’t know what to do next or just plain and simply stop for a while.  They give you a nudge and a wink and have no-end of suggestions as to the next step to take, to keep up the momentum to continue and finally complete the journey of becoming an Author.
Oh, An Author, OMG!
During this journey, there are fellow budding Authors to connect with.  It’s heart-warming to be able to call, email or even face book someone in the wee hours, to let them know you’re up and writing or maybe thinking too much or stuck, and chances are they’re doing the same thing.  
And of course, it doesn’t stop there, the ongoing support to market in so many ways is there for after the birthing…
Do you have a book in you?  Perhaps it’s already half-written.  Darren and the team can make your dream come true.  
Come along and have a look-see, you just never know.  I’d love to see you there…
Darren Stephens and Sandy Simmons
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