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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity

Mentoring for Breastfeeding

How can Sandy, a Lactation Consultant, help you?

As a Lactation Consultant, I am an allied health professional who possesses the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to facilitate breastfeeding. I offer support and specialist 


Sandy’s No 1 passion is NUTRITION in all its aspects. 

It is widely acknowledged that the greatest single therapeutic regimen one can employ is the art and science of nutrition.  This is the premier health science.  All other therapeutic applications depend, in the long run, on proper considerations of nutrition.  Without wholesome nutrition, all treatment, therapies and medicaments ultimately fail.


is a changing paradigm….

The empowerment of women and  men in their sexual health is so very essential, especially in today’s society. It may appear in our modern time that society is more accepting of circumstances and unwelcome predicaments that humans happen to find themselves in, but as we know, this is often not the case.

Inspiration with mentoring and nurturing teenagers in the practice of sexual health and etiquette is paramount... 

Routine Questions - Practical Parenting - Feeding Baby Q&A

An article published in the June 2014 Practical Parenting Magazine offers some great advice from Expert Sandy...

Here is a summary of the key topics and some of the questions asked, please see the full article which you can download, a link is provided at the bottom of the article. 

BABY NUTRITION - Babies are born to breastfeed!

We offer breastfeeding education to families and the wider community. We are a helping hand during any attachment or supply difficulties and will guide you through nipple and breast problems along with baby’s colic and reflux. We will work with you to find the best solution to achieve your end result of a successful breastfeeding partnership and other outcomes when required.

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