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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity

Therapeutic Fasting

As a result, our current nutrition is the sum total of our life experiences. It is all about what we take in and absorb, by whatever medium. Be careful what you expose yourself to; for you become what you focus on!

Therapeutic fasting is the elite tool of the collection at Simply Better, the one that keeps bodies in prime condition and enables you to become dis-ease free. Your body is a self-renewable vehicle – allow it the space and miracles occur. You will become freer in both mind and body.

Sandy B. will teach you how to fast from 1 day to 21 days or more.  It is quite normal for people go about their daily tasks and work whilst they fast - it’s really quite simple.  It is only as hard as you believe it to be.

Nurturing Humanity’s Vitality to Consciously Transform 

We all know what it means to be conscious, don’t we?  But, what is contained in our consciousness?

‘The contents of consciousness consist of a narrow, dynamic stream of everything we are presently aware of—our perceptions of the external world and bodily sensations, together with our thoughts, actions, emotions, and memories.’  From the book ‘30 second psychology’  thank you.

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