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Nurture - Healing Crisis

A healing crisis is what most of us previously called an ill-ness. In its purest sense, a healing crisis is any condition of discomfort or dis-ease, which means “away from ease.”  Whether it is caused by stress, trauma, various agents of chemistry, or “bugs,” a healing crisis is not fun.

When we call “feeling sick” an illness, it has an undesirable or negative connotation, something to be avoided, done away with, or suppressed quickly...  

This goes along with the current western or allopathic medical paradigm which basically says, among other things, “help the patient to not experience pain.”  It could be stated as helping the person in crisis escape his or her own feedback.  Allopathic treatment assures continued unconsciousness, by ignoring any creative responsibility for sickness, and by suppressing the physical symptoms of sickness with drugs. Wholistic health service providers have noted that a health care philosophy which ignores emotion and thought patterns as causal factors just drives symptoms to a deeper level of unconsciousness.

However, if we call “feeling bad” a healing crisis, we have a more optimistic or positive sense that something good is coming of our “downtime.”  These introspective “blue times,” may be with loss of appetite, achy body, fever, sweating, vomiting, diarrhoea, bad breath, body odour, etc. are not symptoms of the body being sick.  These are the symptoms of a healthy body detoxifying itself; and such symptoms are more than just the body at work, becoming healthier.  A healing crisis can also be an enforced “time out to contemplate” and to “fester” infected and suppressed attitudes of fear and separation up to the conscious level, where they can then be resolved with love, wisdom and power.  I offer that a healing crisis is a wholistic cleansing process – with body, emotion, mind and spirit acting in concert.

Excerpt from Nicole LaVoie, Sound Wave Energy 

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