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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity

Self Responsibility

It takes courage, a deep love of self and humanity to move beyond the status quo and glimpse the oysteric paradigm we have chosen to experience and live within. Absolutely anything is possible.  Moving out of form and into observation of how we operate, allows us to see who we truly are - spirit in form!

To see how we fabricate our own life from the very beginning is to uncover the gold we all seek.  We are a spirit who has chosen to experience duality on planet earth, where spirit is able to feel and be human.  What a beautiful gift we have given ourselves.

The game is to be aware of who you are, encourage others to be aware of who they are and enjoy living, before returning to formless spirit.

The process of life and its experiences becomes complex, as we struggle to remember...

Allowing an experience to play out is a process.  Stopping a process, running away, not facing a situation will add to our story of how dangerous the world is and increase our fear.

What if we truly knew ourselves and took full responsibility for our lives and experiences, to have a real understanding of what it is to be human?  Is this possible you say?  Of course, but the majority are not born in an environment that supports or even understands the experience of life, let alone share this with and nurture the children.  Babies are born with a fairly clean slate, what you feed, say and do all has a profound effect - we all have the capacity to nurture - what are you moulding others into?  A replication of yourself, to justify your life and the non-experience of living fully, instilling fear and judgement, to then keep others from being who they truly are, confusing them, causing chaos, stopping their processes and pulling them down to justify your life... and so the repetition continues on and on...

Until, someone, perhaps a member of your family or a friend decides that they cannot live in this quagmire of a mess, of lies, of stunted processes any longer...

They leave, they recover, they become a threat to your very existence.  They become free, unencumbered by their story, they choose to live differently.  There is rejection and your perception, in your own story, reinforces this!  You run away, you can't stand to see the truth in their eyes, you cannot be happy for them - WHY is this?

Because you have chosen to become part of humanity, it's ok, it's your experience.

We acknowledge that every human is constantly moving through their own processes!


Yours in Health and Happiness

Sandy Sig

Sandy B.

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