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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity


What do we mean when we talk about reconnecting to self?  It all sounds a bit mysterious and elusive doesn’t it?  

Many people live their life from day to day, doing and repeating what they think they need to do so that they can keep going…  Sound familiar? 

They are not really in life but just existing and contributing to someone else’s story, whilst they dream about how they would really love their life to be - one day!

You may feel tired, weighed down by the stresses of life, or anxious about things. You find yourself operating from a place of fear – fear that you won’t be approved of, fear that you won’t be in control, or fear that you won’t be secure. Eventually these fears can lead to imbalance and poor health.  This is when you are caught up in ‘how it is’ or ‘how it has to be’ and become disconnected from your inner self.

When you feel energised, unfazed by life’s challenges, and secure in what you do. You operate from a place of love, which engenders balance and good health.  You oh so know when you feel your inner connection, life hums along…

Well the essence of your true inner self is always present, however many years and layers of feelings surround it.

So now you may be asking yourself, ‘how can I get my life back?’  How, after all you’ve been through can you possibly reconnect with your true inner self, the essence of your being, feel great and live the life you would love NOW?

To fast track your reconnection to your inner true self… call Sandy +61 (0) 402 051 553 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When you are pulled by the distractions of our material world you can easily become disconnected from your inner true self. Reconnecting, through for example: silence, nature, your breath, meditation, or releasing feelings, helps bring you back to balance and well-being.

Yours in Health and Happiness

Sandy Sig

Sandy B.

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