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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity


Energy is within and around us all the time and it is our consciousness that enables us to activate it and make it vital.

There are choices that we make from day to day. There are also life choices that we tend to make in our head - perhaps you call them your

wish list or dreams!

What if they were to be made into achievable choices?

What would your life be like then?

We will guide you through exercises to explore what is hidden in your heart - your vision of your own life. Together we will extract the knowledge received and peruse what is your truth. From there we will formulate the choices that resonate with your true nature and purpose.

We walk alongside you to implement these passionate choices and mentoring on many levels whilst we continue to work towards your vision. A new structure will develop as you let go of the old and refocus on what is now important in your life.

There is much to learn about yourself and the mystical or direct path to God. There are also hermetic laws to explore so you can develop your intuitive knowing.

The choices you make are the fundamental bricks and mortar of your life. Taking the time to find out what you are really here to do is the ultimate way of inspired responsible living.

Transformational Mentoring offers:

  • connection with your true nature and purpose;
  • formulating choices;
  • mentoring;
  • implementation;
  • knowing your current life status;
  • readings;
  • building bridges;
  • and enabling your vision to unfold.

Our Founder, Sandy B has studied many esoteric flavours and experienced many life changing processes and lives life every day simply, with her heart choices. 


During our early life, especially from 0-7 years of age, we start collecting information that determines our programming. Genetic, social and cultural aspects will contribute to our patterning. Over the years these pictures and patterns we collect will govern the way we use our energy. We hold the information in our subtle energy systems and it determines how we operate in the world. The pictures or programs will remain there until such time as we start to realise that we create our experiences with the beliefs we hold….

We all have an underlying sabotaging pattern, one we are often not aware of as our ego likes to confuse us and keep the truth hidden. Why do you avoid and react to certain experiences in your life, not realising until after the event that the same process has happened in varying degrees again and again?

If only you could see and change the underlying structure of your pattern, what would your life be like then? Perhaps you could even attract and embrace the very things that seem to always be out of reach or that you could have only when you are ready! Do you prepare your whole life to finally live the life you would love?

This passionate tool will transform your pattern to help you to see what is really going on.  We will also help you to recognise when you are deep in your pattern and to give you the tools to recreate a different outcome from the usual ongoing saga of repeated scenarios….

Transformational Patterning offers recognition of your:

  • beliefs;
  • assumptions;
  • perceptions;
  • emotions;
  • choices;
  • and ultimate hidden patterns....

Our Founder, Sandy B, has transformed patterning in her own life and creates the environment and tools for you to recognise your own individual patterns that you may not be aware of.  Changing patterns allows you to moved beyond the status quo of expectation and living the life you would love!

Yours in Health and Happiness

Sandy Sig

Sandy B.

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