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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity


Sandy’s No 1 passion is NUTRITION in all its aspects. 

It is widely acknowledged that the greatest single therapeutic regimen one can employ is the art and science of nutrition.  This is the premier health science.  All other therapeutic applications depend, in the long run, on proper considerations of nutrition.  Without wholesome nutrition, all treatment, therapies and medicaments ultimately fail.

It was Hippocrates, the father of medicine, who admonished, “Let food be your medicine and medicine your food.”

Most people think of nutrition and diet as concerning just food and drink.  It encompasses many aspects and is much, much more.  You may have a nice, fresh garden salad in your diet every day.  That’s wonderful!  But what about a diet of friends?  Friends influence health more than you may realise.

How about a diet of music?  Wouldn’t you like to have music as part of your diet?  What music would you select?  Music is food every bit as much as carrots or a delicious health drink.  Good vibrations and music nourishes every cell of the body.

How about colour?  Yes, there is a diet of colour.  A person can get sick when surrounded with drab, dull colours.  By the same token, one can be lifted out of the doldrums by a lively splash of colour.  Colour is food.  We are nourished by it.  We can feel blue, be green with envy, feel in the pink or be yellow with fear.

What about thoughts?  What a person finds themselves thinking about is their food for thought.  We all have a diet of thoughts.  “Thoughts are things” is an expression.  We can’t do anything without the thought first being there.  Imagine what a steady diet of negative thoughts will do?

Our diet is the sum total of our life experiences. 

It is all about what we take in and absorb, by whatever medium.  Nutrition is how our life is nurtured, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Be careful what you expose yourself to.  Likewise, be mindful of what you give forth to others.  I hope you can now realise that everything you think and do, everything you see and hear – all you come in contact with in your world – is just as much a part of your diet as is an apple or a pear, a salad or a glass of carrot juice.  You make choices about your diet with your every thought.  You may have the finest health food and have its values severely compromised by a diet of stressful living.

Nutrition is the master healing science.  Nutrition necessitates lifestyle change, while other methods, effective as they may seem, are temporary if nutritional changes are neglected. 

Nutrition plays its part as primary importance in regard to maximising your everyday health, success and longevity.

Excerpts from Bernard Jensen's works

Yours in Health and Happiness

Sandy Sig

Sandy B.

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