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Bringing Nature Back to Humanity


is a changing paradigm….

The empowerment of women and  men in their sexual health is so very essential, especially in today’s society. It may appear in our modern time that society is more accepting of circumstances and unwelcome predicaments that humans happen to find themselves in, but as we know, this is often not the case.

Inspiration with mentoring and nurturing teenagers in the practice of sexual health and etiquette is paramount... 

Having knowledge of one’s own body gives a deeper appreciation and a welcome freedom from anxiety as the excitement of adulthood is approached.

Pre-conception is becoming a very welcome part of practice. Following through with a healthier body aids conception ten-fold. At the most thrilling time in your life, when anything is possible, sensitivity and grace in the area of fertility is eminent regarding full-term, incomplete pregnancies and terminations.

Men-o-pause - an often difficult stage for many women and their families.  Understanding what's happening, why bodies change,  gain a new lifestyle and the  elements of mind that will alleviate many issues, giving everyone clarity and peace. 

We work with our tool kit to prepare and mentor you through whatever you may be encountering to achieve peace of mind with your end results.

Eternal Nutrition offers:

  • fertility for humanity;
  • practical etiquette;
  • choices;
  • bridging the generations;
  • preparation for pregnancy;
  • conscious conception;
  • parenthood;
  • know your offspring;
  • men-o-pause;
  • and beyond....

Our Founder, Sandy B has studied many areas of natural fertility, more so since 2001 while studying with Wise Women's Business and continually keeps uptodate with fertility issues for her own families health as well as her clients.

Yours in Health and Happiness

Sandy Sig

Sandy B.

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